Course Description


The Kairos Course began in the Philippines in 1994. It was known then as the CWMC (Condensed World Mission Course).

In 1989 and 1990 Mission Awareness Conferences were conducted in the southern Philippines to help focus the Filipino Church's attention on the millions of individuals in unreached people groups within the country. The response to this challenge was overwhelming. The lack of education and understanding in cross-cultural missions in general, however was a major obstacle. Foreign missionaries had not, by and large, taught cross-cultural mission and for the need of the Church to reach out to near-neighbour unreached peoples.

To address this need for education Living Springs International introduced a course in mission using Dr. Jonathan Lewis' three-volume, 'World Mission Book' as a basis and including videos, additional teaching and group interaction. Dr. Lewis' material (largely taken in turn from the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Course which originated at the U.S. Center for World Mission) focused on the four major areas of mission concern - Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural.

The response of church leaders to the Biblical mandate to bless all nations with the Gospel was huge. Since 1994 over fifteen thousand Filipinos have taken the CWMC (Kairos course). It has helped in seeing a "missions movement" sweep through the Filipino Church resulting in the Filipino Church moving from being 'missionary receiving' to 'missionary sending'. All thirteen unreached people groups in the country now have one or more fellowships of worshipping believers and the Filipino Church now ranks as one of the top ten missionary sending countries of the world!

Kairos Expansion

From the mid 1990's leaders from other nations began coming to the Philippines and attending the CWMC. Requests for this course to be introduced into other nations quickly grew and Kairos is now running in over 50 countries and over 20 languages. While much of the growth and fruitfulness has been seen in non-western countries, Kairos is also proving effective for the Western Church. It is helping a new generation become meaningfully involved in world Christian mission and also to respond to the growing need for the Church to reach out to the least-reached peoples pouring into their countries and communities. The latter development is heralding a new chapter in world Christian mission!

Now in its fourth edition, and under the name Kairos, it has become much more than just a course... Kairos is a global movement!

Kairos in Canada

Kairos first came to Canada in 2010 when a small course was held in Langley, BC. The next course, also in Langley, BC, in 2012 signalled the start of the growth of the course in Canada as over 20 mission mobilizers from across Canada gathered to begin the equipping process necessary to offer Kairos in each region of the country. 2013 saw the first courses in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Nova Scotia, and 2014 marks the start for courses in Manitoba, Quebec and New Brunswick, as well as in Chinese, Korean and French!

The emphasis in Canada is on building teams to support momentum so that a mission mobilization movement will encourage the Canadian Church to make a key contribution to God's global mission.