Training Pathways

Just as the Kairos course is part of a larger mobilization journey for participants, so Kairos training is not an event, but a journey. Blending part inspiration, education, and challenge, the Kairos training philosophy uses modeling, coaching/mentoring, peer evaluation and training and at every level to promote ongoing development and excellence.

The Kairos Journey

1. Complete the Kairos course

2. Take Facilitator Training to prepare you to join a facilitation team led by a Head Facilitator.
- Level 1 for those who will offer administrative support in a Kairos course
- Level 2 for those who wish to lead a Growth Point Group
- Level 3 for those who will help with all components of the course, including presentations

3. Participate on a team with a Head Facilitator in offering at least two Kairos Courses.

4. If invited, take Head Facilitator training to prepare you to lead a team of Facilitators in conducting Kairos Courses. A Head Facilitator must be prepared to offer all course components, thus it is important to have gained sufficient experience as a Facilitator before moving to this step.

5. Serve as a Trainee Head Facilitator under the guidance of an accredited Head Facilitator to develop the capabilities necessary to lead a team of Facilitators. A recommendation will be made for approval as a Head Facilitator once these skills have been demonstrated.